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Irregular verbs practice with Kahoot

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know - Lesson Plan B1-B2

I simply like this video.

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Used to Lesson plan

stoop to,
stoop to (do) [sth]
 vtr phrasal insep
(debase yourself, condescend)rebajarse a v prnl + prep
I wouldn't stoop to respond to a question from them.
Yo no me rebajaría a responderles una pregunta a estos
cut [sb] off vtr phrasal sepfigurative (estrange, disown)repudiar a alguien loc verb
distanciarse de alguien, apartarse de alguien loc verb
hung up on [sb] prepslang, figurative (infatuated) (coloquial)obsesionado con loc adj
She's still hung up on him after all these years.
Todavía está obsesionada con él después de todos estos años.

EFL Magazine

Awesome collection of resources for English teachers you should know about.

Ed Sheeran - Thinking out Loud

Ed Sheeran – Thinking out loud

    This song was written by Ed for his friend's wedding. Its a cute wedding song that wants to interpret true love that lasts ("Your soul could never grow old it's evergreen"). Sheeran has described the piece as a "walking down the aisle song" (for a wedding). The song is a romantic ballad.

- sweep you off your feet

Spanish translation: perder el control/volverse loco por, /enamorarse locamente

to make someone become suddenly and completely in love with you:

The first time he met her, he was completely swept off his feet.

Interesting composition with pictures from young learners and the song.

Sing along...

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