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Buy my Vitara - Parts of the car and Idioms Vocabulary

     Excelllent example to comment and have some speaking.For example about questions we can make before buying a used car.
Here you have some tips for discussion:

There are many important questions to ask before considering a used car:

1.  Is this the original paint?

2. Can I check the oil? Oil is an earmark for trouble with a used car. You could just ask if the owner has ever skipped an oil change, but it's best not to invite the seller to lie to you. 

3. Can you put this on the lift? This question applies to buying a car from a dealer. If you're mechanically inclined, getting a car on a lift is how you'll check for problems with the car like leaking fluids or rust.

4. Why are you selling it? This is a question that openly invites the seller to lie to you, and you should take it with a grain of salt when you're told a car was owned by an old lady mechanic who only drove to church on Sundays. Still, as many readers pointed out, putting the seller on the spot is a good way to recognize any deception on the part of the seller and will keep you mindful of potential problems.

5. Who was the previous owner?

6. Do you have the title in hand?

7. Can I take it for a test drive?

8. Can I see the maintenance history? Much as the seller can try and lie to you, lying through the maintenance history is a much tougher job. 

9. Can I take this to my mechanic? If a used car's seller won't let you get the car looked at, walk away. Getting the car checked out by an expert on the car is how you're going to find out what's really right or wrong with the thing.

10. Is the vehicle 4 Wheel Drive? if so does it work properly?

11. Are there any signs of smoking or pets?

12.  Do all the windows and locks work?

13. Do all of the lights, wipers and stereo work?

14. Do the turn signals and cruise control work?

15. How many keys and remotes are included with the car?

16. Does the car have a spare tire and jack?

17. Ask about rust perforation/ pitting/ rock chips. many cars in inclement areas suffer from this.

18. Does the vehicle leak any fluids such as oil, antifreeze or any other essential fluid?

19.  How about the tread on tires and wear on brakes?

Idioms related to driving in English:

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Suggestions & Opinions

    We make suggestions when deciding what to do with our friends, or giving them advice on what they might do in a certain situation.

What do you suggest?                  Making suggestions

Reported Speech


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We own it

Shape of you - Ed Sheeran

Lesson Plan         Genius        Translation

thrifty adj(person: frugal)ahorrativo/a adj
ahorrador/a adj
If you're thrifty you'll have some money left at the end of the month.

all-you-can-eatadj(restaurant buffet: unlimited)bufet libre, bufé libre, buffet libre nm + adj mf
bufet, buffet, bufé nm
buffet ilimitado nm + adj

Talk about the “sweet and sour” represent the good and bad things they share with each other
about their lives.Talk about everything

grab [sth] vtr(take hold of) (excepto AR)coger vtr
agarrar vtr
atrapar vtr