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The Olympic games - Usain Bolt

Lesson Plan about Usain Bolt and the Olympic Games

1. Write “the Olympic Games” on the board. In pairs try to come up with as many different Olympics sports as you can in 3 minutes.

Watch this video for pronounciation:

Vocabulary games:   0   1   2    3    4   5   

Favourite sports:   1   

2. Ask your  partner about an athlete from your country who won a medal or did well at the Olympics in Rio.

Spanish medals in Rio 2016.     ---Video              

3. In small groups discuss the following questions: 

   • What characteristics does an athlete need to become an Olympian?    

   • What does an athlete have to do to become an Olympian?    

   • What do you think the life of an Olympian is like?

4. If I say “Usain Bolt” what comes to your mind?: 

• What do you know about him?       

• How many medals did he win in Rio?       

• How many Olympic medals has he won in total?       

• What do you know about his character?       

• What do you know about his childhood?       

• What do you know about his life?

5. You are going to watch a short film titled The Boy Who Learned to Fly, based on the life of Usain Bolt. As you watch the film you should check if any of the facts about his life you discussed are shown in the film, and try to remember as much of the story as they can. Show the film:

6. In pairs you have to retell the story of Usain Bolt’s life to each other. Get the whole class to reconstruct the story in as much detail as possible.

7. You are going to watch the film again; this time you should concentrate on the internal struggle which Usain experienced, and the advice his mother gave him. Show the film again. 

8. Usain experienced internal struggle when he found it difficult to cope with the expectations of his fellow Jamaicans and The Boy Who Learned to Fly feared failure. His mother’s advice was “all worries do is weigh you down”, and “you always go faster when you keep ot light”. Her advice helped him to overcome his fears and the pressure of performance to ultimately become the fastest man in the world. Discuss Usain’s mother’s advice.

weigh [sb] down vtr phrasal sepfigurative (be a burden)agobiar a alguien loc verb
All this debt weighs me down, and I can't enjoy myself anymore.
Todas estas deudas me agobian y me impiden disfrutar de la vida.
ahogar a alguien, asfixiar a alguienloc verb
Todas estas deudas me ahogan y me impiden disfrutar de la vida.

Information taken principally from film-english. Improved and rearranged by Alejandro Porras.

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Jain - Come

    This is an amazing song from French singer Jain (her real name is Jeanne Louise Galice). She is from Toulouse but she has also lived in various countries of Africa. His music is influenced by African music styles. This song was published in 2015 and reached a great success in France and Poland. Recently, a well known department stores in Spain have taken the song to his advertising campaign in autumn 2016.

Sing along with this karaoke version...

BLACK BURN= could it be that she feels like she has a burn on her heart? That burn would be black because it is caused by a black boy who lives in Africa, as she later says. But that's only a guess.
HANGING OUT= Just going round for fun or to kill the time in bore.
COME= /kʌm/, but she pronounces it /kɒmə/, probably because she is trying to immitate some African accent.
COVER YOUR NIGHTMARES= A nightmare is a bad dream, and if I cover them for you, I am making them disappear or at least making you feel better. Or at least that's what I suppose she means (very enygmatic these lyrics)
IMPETUOUS= Intense, using violent forces.
JAIL= (BrE spelling: gaol) Prison.
SOUL= Spirit.
BLAZING= Shining strongly; burning violently.

John Legend - All of me

Once in a while, a song pierces your heart...

This song describes loving someone and giving all of yourself for all of them. It is delicately written, and shows the true passion and characteristics of true love.

Link to multimedia

Sing along in this karaoke version...

SMART MOUTH= If someone has a smart mouth, he usually makes wisecracks and remarks that aim for cleverness and wit but that strike others as cocky or annoying.
DRAWING ME IN= Draw somebody in means captivate, interest.
KICKING ME OUT= Force him to leave or move out.
GOT MY HEAD SPINNING= Got my head rotating.
NO KIDDING= I'm not joking; it's not a joke.
I CAN'T PIN YOU DOWN= I can't force you to make a decision.
WHAT'S GOING ON= What's happening?
MAGICAL MYSTERY RIDE= Magical mystery trip. Maybe an allusion to the classic Beatles album 'magical mystery tour'.
DIZZY= Giddy. This refers to a man is dizzied by his newfound happiness, shell shocked by the great feelings and unsure of whether or not one deserves this happiness. Either way he’ll be ok.
UNDERWATER= Submerged in water. He’s referring to the relationship, it’s pretty though but he’s holding on.
OUTTA= (informal) Out of.
LOVE YOUR CURVES= Love the girl's figure.
EDGES= Limits.
ALL YOUR PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS= He loves everything about her. When someone has strong feelings for you they may tell you that you're "perfectly imperfect" basically saying that they accept your flaws, they like you enough that they see past your insecurities, a way of saying that you're perfect to them.
GIVE YOUR ALL TO ME, I'LL GIVE MY ALL TO YOU= They give each other all of themselves because in the end, it’s all they know to be true because they have undying, true and sincere love for each other.
MY DOWNFALL= My destruction, my ruin.
MY MUSE= My inspiration.
WORST= Superlative of bad.
RINGING IN MY HEAD= To linger in one's consciousness.
CARDS ON THE TABLE= To be honest about your feelings and intentions; 
to tell someone honestly what you think or what you plan to do.

pin [sb] down on [sth] vtr phrasal sepfigurative, informal (force to a decision, statement)comprometer a alguien para, comprometer a alguien en loc verb
forzar a alguien a concretar algo loc verb

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