lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2015

Thaknsgiving Facts

Origins of Thanksgiving tradition.

Answer these questions  

What was the name of the ship that sailed to America? 
Who were the Pilgrims? Why did they leave England? 
What year did they arrive in America? Where?
Who was the 1st. President to celebrate Thanksgiving?
What is Sarah Josefa Hale best known for? 
Who was the President that listened to her pleas? 
What began in 1924? 
What sport competition is held on this day?

 When was the holiday established?

The ship on which the Pilgrims sailed to America.


Have a look at this Reading Comprehension about The Mayflower:

What is the traditional Thanksgiving menu?

In this e-book you have got extra-material

Thanksgiving Rap!

Thanksgiving famous movie scenes

And after Thanksgiving, we have Black Friday.  Listen.