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Extreme Sports


      Do you like the excitement of extreme sports? If so, you might be an 'adrenaline junkie'. Find out more about white-water rafting and parkour in this video. Check the activities!

Risk and Extreme Activities Vocabulary(B1-B2)                List of Extreme Sports              More...

Article about ExtremeSports(B1-B2)


      ( abseils    3rd person present)   ( abseiling    present participle)   (abseiled    past tense & past participle  ) To abseildown a cliff or rock face means to slide down it in a controlled way using a rope, with your feet against the cliff or rock.  
  (BRIT)      verb  
in AM, use rappel     


  4    If you refer to thrills and spills   , you are referring to an experience which is exciting and full of surprises.      

♦ thrills and spills             phrase  
Its prime audience lies in the 17 to 24 age group, and they want instant thrills and spills.     


      ( railings    plural  )

1       n-count   A fence made from metal bars is called a railing or railings.  
He walked out on to the balcony where he rested his arms on the railing.