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Obvious to you. Amazing to others.


Step 1

  Write the following words in a column on the board: good, bad, surprising, clever, interesting, sad, happy, scared, angry,funny. At the top of the column write “Standard adjective”. Add another column and write “Extreme adjective”

Step 2 

   Elicit extreme adjectives for the first standard adjective “good”. Students should come up with adjectives such as “great”, “wonderful”, “fantastic” etc. 

Step 3 

   Pair your students and tell them to come up with examples of strong adjectives for all the normal adjectives.

Step 4 

   Get the students to give their examples of strong adjectives and write them in the Strong adjective column. They should come up with something like this:

 Normal adjective                                                 Strong adjective  

good                                                                 great, brilliant,amazing, i                                                                          incredible,wonderful,                                                                                fantastic, excellent,                                                                                  brilliant, perfect,                                                                                     marvellous, great,                                                                                    exciting, gorgeous,                                                                                  awesome, etc. 

bad                                                                   terrible, awful, wrong,                                                                               horrible, awful, disastrous,                                                                         devilish, negative etc. 

surprising                                                          amazing, stunning,                                                                                  astonishing, shocking,                                                                                impactful, jaw-dropping,                                                                           touching, moving,etc 

clever                                                               brilliant, genius, smart,                                                                            intelligent, hard-working,                                                                      talented/gifted, outstanding,                                                                           geek/nerd, etc

interesting                                                        fascinating, curious, nosy,                                                                        spell-binding, important,                                                                          etc

sad                                                                   miserable, devastated,                                                                             overwhelmed, stunned,etc

happy                                                               delighted, ecstatic, funny,                                                                         fun, extroverted, thrilled,                                                                            excited, etc 

scared                                                               terrified, petrified,                                                                                misterious, stunned, afraid,                                                                           dangerous, paralyzed,                                                                             frightened, etc 

angry                                                                 furious, mad, moody,                                                                          pissed off, unhappy, wild, etc

funny                                                          hilarious, LOL (laugh out loud)

Step 5 

   Tell your students they are going to watch a short video titled Obvious to you. Amazing to others. in which they will hear some of these strong adjectives. Ask them what they think the video will be about. 

Step 6 

   Tell your students that as they watch and listen to the video they should try to understand what the video is about and what the narrator’s message is. Show the film 

Step 7 

   Pair your students and ask them to compare what they understood. Play the film again. 

Step 8 

   Get feedback from the whole class on what they understood.

Step 9 

   Give your students the transcript of the video. Ask them to read it and check what they understood when they watched the video. 

Step 10 

   Ask them to read the text again and underline any words and expressions they don’t understand. Put them into small groups and ask them to try to work out together the words and expressions they don’t understand. 

Step 11 

   Tell your students they are going to watch the video again; as they watch they should concentrate on the narrator’s pronunciation. 

Step 12 

   Ask your students to summarise the narrator’s message in one sentence. 

Step 13 

   Put your students into small groups and ask them to discuss the following questions: 

 Do you agree with the narrator when he says we are bad judges of our own creations? 

 Have you ever thought “my ideas are so obvious. I'll never be as inventive as that.”? 

 Do you think you have be a genius to be creative? 

 Do you think we are smarter than we believe we are? 

Step 14

   Hold a plenary session based on the discussion questions. 


in awe adv(with amazement)con asombro loc adv
asombrado paticipio
Lucius gazed in awe at the skyscraper, never having seen anything so big before. The child stood in awe of the skyscraper, never having seen something so big.
Lucio miró con asombro el rascacielos; nunca antes había visto algo tan grande.
Lucio miró asombrado el rascacielos; nunca antes había visto algo tan grande.
in awe adj(admiring)impresionado adj
asombrado adj
Your violin playing is incredible; I'm in awe!

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