lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Jain - Come

    This is an amazing song from French singer Jain (her real name is Jeanne Louise Galice). She is from Toulouse but she has also lived in various countries of Africa. His music is influenced by African music styles. This song was published in 2015 and reached a great success in France and Poland. Recently, a well known department stores in Spain have taken the song to his advertising campaign in autumn 2016.

Sing along with this karaoke version...

BLACK BURN= could it be that she feels like she has a burn on her heart? That burn would be black because it is caused by a black boy who lives in Africa, as she later says. But that's only a guess.
HANGING OUT= Just going round for fun or to kill the time in bore.
COME= /kʌm/, but she pronounces it /kɒmə/, probably because she is trying to immitate some African accent.
COVER YOUR NIGHTMARES= A nightmare is a bad dream, and if I cover them for you, I am making them disappear or at least making you feel better. Or at least that's what I suppose she means (very enygmatic these lyrics)
IMPETUOUS= Intense, using violent forces.
JAIL= (BrE spelling: gaol) Prison.
SOUL= Spirit.
BLAZING= Shining strongly; burning violently.