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       This lesson is based on a beautiful short film called Signs by Patrick Hughes about communication. We are going to talk about communication, watch a short film and write a composition about improving their communication.

1. If you hear the word COMMUNICATION, what different forms of communication are there?

   You may well come up with  the following forms: 

- Oral communication 

- Written communication 

- Non-verbal communication  

- Visual communication


2. Can you think of examples of each form of communication?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of communication?

4. You are going to watch a short film about communication, and you should watch out for the different types of communication used.

5. Let's get feedback on the film. Let's discuss the questions about the film.

     a. Why is the film called Signs?               
     b. How does the young man feel at the beginning of the film? Why? 
     c. What’s a normal day in his life like?      
     d. What’s his job like? 
     e. What do his parents think his life in the city is like?       
     f. How do the young man and woman communicate?
     g. What’s her secret? 
     h. Did you like the ending of the film? 
6. How can we communicate more effectively? 
    In small groups, brainstorm ideas. Write a composition titled: How can we communicate more effectively?

Lesson Plan (pdf)  Questions   Plot Summary   Daily Routines  1  2  3   Filmenglish 

All the materials have been taken from http://film-english.com/