miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2015

The Gunpowder Plot Story

This is the terrible story behind one of England's most popular festivities: Guy Fawkes Day, on November the 5th. A story of oppression and terrorism with no good guys.

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Q.1. In what year did the Gunpowder Plot take place?
a) 1605
b) 1606
c) 1607
Q.2. Where was Guy Fawkes from?
a) London
b) Thetford
c) York
Q.3. How many barrels of gunpowder are said to have been hidden under the House of Lords?
a) 30
b) 36
c) 46
Q.4. Who was the ringleader of the Conspiracy?
a) Guy Fawkes
b) Robert Catesby
c) Thomas Winter
Q.5. Who was monarch at the time of the gunpowder plot?
a) King James I
b) King Henry VIII
c) Queen Elizabeth I
Q.6. Who received a letter of warning about the planned attack on the House of Lords?
a) Thomas Percy
b) Lord Monteagle
c) Guy Fawkes
Q.7. what did Guy Fawkes and his fellow plotters intend to do at the state opening of parliament?
a) Take the King hostage
b) Blow up the House and kill the king
c) Hand in a signed petition
Q.8. what do children ask for when they take their guy around the streets?
a) Trick or Treat
b) Free fireworks
c) A penny for the Guy
Q.9. Guy Fawkes joined the Spanish army and changed his name to…?
a) Juan
b) Manuel
c) Guido
Q.10. Where was the shoot out which ended the attempted rising in the Midlands following the discovery of Fawkes and the Plot?
a) Howden Hall
b) Hewell Grange
c) Holbeach House
Q.11. what happened to the Monteagle letter?
a) Burned by the King
b) Kept in the Public Records Office
c) Put on display in the Tower of London
Q.12. what was the religion of the conspirators?
a) Roman Catholic
b) Protestant
c) Presbyterian
Q.13. Who visited the Houses of Parliament on the State Opening of Parliament? (This still happens today)
a) The King
b) The Mayor of London
c) The King of France
Q.14. what happens as a consequence of Guy Fawkes’ plot today?
a) The King never visits the Houses of Parliament
b) The cellars of the Houses of Parliament are searched before the State Opening of Parliament
c) The State Opening of Parliament takes place at Buckingham Palace
Q. 15. How do people celebrate Guy Fawkes’ night these days?
a) By eating and drinking
b) By having bonfires and fireworks
c) By singing songs about the King or Queen