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1.- Here you can see the poster of the short you are going to watch. Pay attention to the image. What do you think that represents?


2.- Have a look at the title. Why do you think it is in two colours?

3.- In the following fotograms you will see people with a different mood. Match the pictures with the adjectives.


4.- Why do you think they are in that mood? Think about activities you do in your free time.

5.- Have a look at the Synopsis: The night is progressing normally for four people until an unforeseeable event prevents them from contiuning their actions....
     What type of unexpected event is going to be?

6.- Watch the video and answer: Where are the characters and what relation is there between them?


7.- Pilar has got a private diary in which she writes every day. This is her latest entry:

     What a day today! As lately I'm not feeling very well, this morning I decided to run away from math class, how boring! , and I went to the gynecologist. Katy gave me a lift in her car; my goodness: I wouldn’t like anybody to go through this alone. It has made an ultrasound and told me that I'm pregnant. I went really very nervous. Imagine the situation: I still do not know how I'm going to tell my parents or David. What a shit! I have written a letter to David to tell him but I’ve just torn it up. Moreover, my philosophy teacher has found me cheating in an exam. He has opened my pencil case, he discovered the cheat sheet and has shown it to the rest of the classroom. I nearly die of shame. I’ve come back from school and got in my locked in my bedroom. I’ve only come out because of the blackout. Tomorrow it will be a new day.

8.- Decide if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE:

a. This morning she skipped her maths lesson.
b. She's gone to the doctor by car.
c. She has copied the exam from a classmate.
d. She has got home and slept all day.
e. She has sent David a letter.
f. Maths lesson is really boring.
g. After the lessons,she has gone for a walk.

9.- What has Sara done? Find seven differences in the pictures:

10.- How is the relation in the movie between parents and children? 
        Do you behave in a way similar to the brother or sister? 
        Do you like it? 
        Do you spend your free time with your family? 

11.- Give advice to this family:

     a. You should...               b. You ought to....           c. I wish you could.....

     d. If I were you....           e. You could...                f. You had better.....

12.- What ending would you like for this story? Could you think of a different one?

Advice and Suggestions      Giving Advice (all levels)

Trad. de materiales de Sandra Soriano Fernández "Con cortos y sin cortes. Una propuesta didáctica para el uso del cortometraje en la clase ELE"